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HyDresden paves the way for a carbon-free future

As we stand on the cusp of a green revolution, Dresden emerges as the epicenter of innovation in the green hydrogen economy. The metro region is not just adapting to a sustainable future, it’s actively creating it. By developing technologies, components, and systems that redefine energy-intensive industries globally.

Become a part of the momentum in Dresden, a place where your power to shape the future isn’t just welcomed, it’s needed. Join a community of pioneers and carve out your individual path in the green hydrogen economy, with HyDresden at your side.

HyDresden – The hydrogen powerhouse in Germany

Optimally networked, also geographically.

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Talents of Dresden’s hydrogen powerhouse
on shaping a sustainable future

Jens Irmer
Sunfire GmbH

„I’ve been with Sunfire from the very beginning. More than 10 years ago, we already shared the vision of establishing electrolysis as a future technology. Even back then I was able to contribute my extensive experience. It has never been boring in all these years – with such a great team, I still learn something new every day. Many young colleagues always bring new energy and ideas into the daily work routine, which is a lot of fun.“

Rayana Araujo
Linde Engineering

„After my studies in Brazil, I came to Germany for my master’s degree and have been working at Linde Engineering in Dresden since 2022. Here, I grow daily through new challenges in global projects involving hydrogen and carbon capture plants. I’m proud to work in a sector that is actively shaping the future.“

Daniela Herold
Fraunhofer IKTS

„I started ten years ago as a project engineer at Fraunhofer IKTS. Today, I lead a team of 15, blending talents. Working at the intersection of research and industry allowed me to contribute to numerous international projects focusing on the development and commercialization of energy systems.“

Pioneering a green revolution, step by step, for more than 30 years

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HyDresden participates at „bonding“ fair 2024

Get to know us at bonding – a company contact fair at TU Dresden – from April 23 to 25, 2024. Find out how you can join us in shaping the future.

Meet & Greet

Are you a student and interested in getting to know the hydrogen players in Dresden in just one afternoon: Fraunhofer IKTS, Sunfire and Linde Engineering?

Then take part in one of our next tours.

HyDresden as a magnet for skilled workers

The transformation to a decarbonized economy is one of the greatest opportunities of our time to use technologies made in Germany worldwide. Therefore, Sunfire, Linde Engineering, and Fraunhofer IKTS have jointly launched the HyDresden initiative. The three hydrogen players are joining forces to develop and market pioneering technologies with the best talents.


Open positions at leading hydrogen players


Dresden´s leading green hydrogen players have more than 90 jobs to offer!

Become part of one of the most exiting clusters in the green hydrogen industry. We want pioneers! From “Intern” to “Head of”, we offer any imaginable position on the job experience scale. We provide a structured framework for career progression within each cluster, allowing employees to grow based on their skills, experience, and contributions.

What kind of open positions has HyDresden for you?

We have a variety of jobs, grouped in the following clusters:

  • Management and Strategy
  • Engineering and Developing
  • Procurement and Supply Chain
  • Quality Assurance and Control
  • Construction and Project Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Administration and Support

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Our path to foster a leading hydrogen ecosystem

Prime location for specialists, entrepreneurs and innovators

Dresden boasts a dynamic ecosystem in the field of new energy technologies, standing out as a residence for its proximity to nature, family-friendliness, and cultural diversity.

Unique networking opportunities

We foster a space where business, politics, and research converge, encouraging cooperation, innovation, and the nurturing of talent. Our summits, exchange and collaboration are key to every partner’s innovation.

Continuous investment in the ecosystem

In collaboration with the Dresden economic development agency, we are working to cultivate a sustainable local hydrogen economy.

Green innovations made in Dresden

The City

Discover the joys of living in Dresden

The mindset in our Dresden region is that a quick market implementation meets the ambitious goals of the Green Deal in Europe. Over 200 GW of installed electrolyzers are needed to facilitate the transition to climate-friendly hydrogen. Dresden’s unique ecosystem, merging research, startups, and international enterprises, is taking on this goal. We’re backed by substantial political support, a pioneering spirit and a city that is considered one of the greenest cities in Europe!

The green charm of Dresden

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